Life, Death, Rebirth. Past, Present, Future. Mind, Body, Soul. The Holy Trinity.

A collective label of artists worldwide. Based in Los Angeles & run by PBDY


"Once upon a time... a long, long time ago... there was a mystical city, Tar. And at that time all the cities were intact and flourishing, because the final war had not yet begun. When the great catastrophe occurred, all the cities crumbled... except Tar. Tar still exists. If you know where to look for it, you will find it. And when you get there you will be presented with wine and water and play with a gramophone. When you get there, you will help harvest grapes and you will pick up scorpions hidden under white rocks. When you get there... you will know eternity. You'll see a bird that drinks one drop of water from the ocean every hundred years. When you get there, you'll understand life and you'll become a cat, phoenix, swan, elephant, baby and an old man. You'll be alone and accompanied. You'll love and be loved, sharing the same space... and yours will be the seal of seals. As you approach the future, you'll find... Ecstasy. It will overwhelm you and never abandon you."

-Alejandro Jodorowsky